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Acting for film, television and theatre. Registration ongoing – open to kids, teens and adults.
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Acting Class

Showcase your natural talent in a beautifully delivered and seamless audition.  

Acting Technique:  Learn about the different types of acting techniques and determine which works best for you. 

Script Analysis: The primary job of the actor is to analyze script to uncover the truth about a character.

Auditioning for Television & Film :  You need to understand the material and the world the story is set in. If not, you will be at a loss and do yourself a disservice.

Scene Study:  Scene study is beneficial because it allows for actors to explore different writers, styles and genres of scripts. 


On-Set Coaching

An on-set acting coach helps an actor prep their lines and understand the scene.

We make sure the actor is wholly focused on acting when there are a million distractions on-set.

Sometimes on-set coaching is paid for by the studio.


Private Coaching

 Let’s work a scene in a variety of ways, understand the circumstance, visualize the surroundings and deliver an honest perspective. 

Book private coaching in order to prepare for an audition and we can continue to work together on-set after you book that job.

“At the core I believe that before great artistry can exist, one must find inspiration in the work and from within.” – Jill Teed

Become A Confident Actor

A Good Coach Helps You Make Strong Choices. 

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